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I had a request to make a cake that encompassed Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, and Pooh! I had never had a request for a cake with multiple themes, so this was quite the challenge – but one that I was embracing! So… this is what I came up with…

Half  Toy Story

Half Pooh….

and Mickey and Minnie to top it off!


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Three little girls (all turning 5 years old!) celebrated their birthday at Build-A-Bear. I had free reign over the design of the cakes, so after gathering some information from the mommies, I decided to make the cakes similar, but also individualize them too! I created each bear with fondant and personalized them to each of the girls’ interests… and what girl doesn’t love the colors pink and purple?!

Here is a picture of all of them together!

A closer look at each of the cakes:

I spent a lot of time practicing and creating these bears, so how about some even more close-ups? 😉

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I had the honor of creating this cake for a local “Seabee” who received a job promotion! Congratulations!! Thank you for all you do!

Here’s a birds eye view…

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I cannot believe that my little girl just turned 4 years old! It’s crazy to think that just a few years ago she was a helpless little baby who depended on mommy and daddy for everything…  and now she’s blossomed into a beautiful girl with such a big heart and sweet soul. I love you Cadence!

Ok, now that I got the mushy stuff out of the way, I can move onto cake talk. 🙂 Cadence is really into Toy Story (especially Jessie the cowgirl), so we had a Jessie Cowgirl themed birthday party to celebrate! Now Cadence had been talking about her upcoming party for weeks and weeks in anticipation of the big day, so I did not want to disappoint.  I had planned her cake about a month prior and was excited to see it come together just as I had envisioned it. Cadence had a huge smile on her face and then put her hand over her mouth and said “Oh my gosh!” when she saw her cake.. it was too cute!

Without further ado…. here it is!

Totally adorable, right?! But you haven’t seen my favorite part….

I told you! HA!

Now my original plan did not include cupcakes, but when I went to the cake store, I just happened to see a cowboy hat candy mold and I just couldn’t resist!

Now of all the pictures I took at her party (which were a lot, believe me!), this one by far is my favorite.  This just melts my heart… here’s my little girl making a wish…

And now it’s time to blow out the candles!

Now my other passion is scrapbooking, so …  I made this happy birthday banner!

And now I leave you with my daughter embracing her new age along with her new friends, Jessie and Woody!

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This is a one-tiered version of the pirate cake I previously did. I just love the black/red/white combo of colors – it sure does make the cake really stand out! This was an 8 inch double layered chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling. The white icing that’s covering the cake is actually buttercream (isn’t it amazing how smooth it looks?!) and the stripes, skull, and black circle were all fondant pieces that were handcut. The string of pearls are actually sixlets – I thought it kind of complimented the theme of treasure to go along with the chocolate gold coins. I just love making these!!

Captain Jake

Captain Jake turns 3!

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Celebrating a birthday.. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse style!! This cake is 3-tiered, covered in fondant and fondant accents with buttercream filling.

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This cake brought back memories from my freshman year of college. One of my roommates introduced me to Veggie Tales. She would always sing “Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where, oh where, oh where, oh wheeeeere… is my hairbrush?”

This cake was created for 2 boys who love Veggie Tales and Larry Boy. The bottom tier is 9-inches and the top is 6-inches. I had a ton of fun making these characters come alive! Aren’t they so cute?!?

Veggie Tales

Larry and Bob

Larry Boy

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