I made this lego cake for a friend as her son loves to build with them! It is an 8-inch double layer super moist chocolate cake filled and topped with buttercream icing. Legos are handmade fondant pieces.


White Tiger

A friend requested a white tiger cake… my first thought went something like this: “how in the world am I going to do that?” My second thought was: “uhhhhhhhhhh…..”  My third thought: “This is going to be so much fun! I love a challenge (within reason)!” 

Not too shabby, eh?


A unicorn birthday cake! (Unicorn is a toy)


I stepped outside of the box for this ladybug cake! Turned out to be just as adorable as I had imagined.

Oh, and I also made some cuppies to go along with the little bug.

Super Mario!

I created this 2-tiered Super Mario cake for a little boy who was turning 6 years old! I hand made the turtle shells and mushrooms out of fondant, cut out the hills, coins, and bricks from fondant, and I created the pipe at the top from rice krispy treats. Mario is a figurine that was purchased. (Things were much simpler back in the 80’s, weren’t they?)  🙂

I had a request to make a cake that encompassed Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, and Pooh! I had never had a request for a cake with multiple themes, so this was quite the challenge – but one that I was embracing! So… this is what I came up with…

Half  Toy Story

Half Pooh….

and Mickey and Minnie to top it off!

Build-A-Bear cakes!

Three little girls (all turning 5 years old!) celebrated their birthday at Build-A-Bear. I had free reign over the design of the cakes, so after gathering some information from the mommies, I decided to make the cakes similar, but also individualize them too! I created each bear with fondant and personalized them to each of the girls’ interests… and what girl doesn’t love the colors pink and purple?!

Here is a picture of all of them together!

A closer look at each of the cakes:

I spent a lot of time practicing and creating these bears, so how about some even more close-ups? 😉